Definição de perfil de capacidade de processo para empresa dirigida a evolução de produto de software




The Software Process Improvement (SPI) has shown, in practice, a feasible and efficient approach for organizations improvement. However, the SPI involves innumerable challenges and difficulties, which contribute to that many SPI adoption initiatives end failing. A model based software process improvement with fixed levels of maturity, do not take care of the software industry companies diversity. The Process Capability Profile Driven Process Engineering (MDPEK) has shown an alternative and promising way to SPI adoption. In the improvement guided by Process Capability Profile (PCP) the processes to be improved are not predetermined, these must be in accordance with organizations defined business objectives, strategies and contexts. In the context of software products driven companies, is clear the difficulty in implantation of fixed maturity levels quality models. Although the benefits gotten with adoption of these models are recognized. This type of company presents particular characteristics that make difficult the adoption of the traditional form of SPI. This theses applies the concepts of MDPEK for definition of a PCP, based on CMMI, and oriented to the specific domain of the software product driven companies. The PRO2PI approach is used as reference to guide the execution of the activities definition of the PCP. Which is considered taking as base in the comments and studies carried through in a group of eight product evolution guided companies, and later validated in two companies who had applied the SPI and had been, recently, assessed in CMMI maturity level 2. Key-words: Software Process Improvement (SPI), Process Capability Profile, CMMI, MPS.BR, Software Product Evolution, PRO2PI.


perfil de capacidade de processo evolução de produto de software pro2pi software product evolution melhoria de processos de software (mps) ciencia da computacao cmmi cmmi pro2pi software process improvement (spi) process capability profile

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