Defesa da concorrência e regulação : o caso do setor bancário / The Interaction between Commpetition Policy and Regulation in the Banking Sector




The objective of this research is to discuss the application of competition law to the banking sector regarding five aspects: 1. survey of the international experiences of interaction between competition and banking authorities; 2. applicability of Law 8884 of 1994 to the banking sector; 3. desirability of competition law to the banking sector given the systemic risk; 4. measures to assure legal certainty for banks; 5. possible adaptation of the Law 8884 for its application to the banking sector. The research presents legal and economic arguments for a complementary cooperation framework between Central Bank and CADE, and also suggests operational mechanisms for its implementation.


defesa da concorrência regulação setor bancário antitruste competências concorrentes direito concorrencial sistema financeiro bancos concorrência

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