De volta de Siracusa e os escândalos da filosofia(no direito): linguagem em Martin Heidegger, Thomas Hobbes e Giorgio Agamben




This researchs subject is the linguistic space in wich occurs the relations between methaphysics and politic power or between philosophy and sciences (law). Its context is that one of the crises of modernity and Hobbes theory of contract, which one, when pass through the questions of Dasein, works as the preparation for a jump to others post-modernity new begginings of a new practical philosophy, whose bases are in the Heideggers Mitdasein and Agambens potential ontology. It intends to face the philosophical scandals (in the law) and its fundamental definying, organizyng and legitimating parameters functions, that happen in power, science and law. The general objective is come back from Siracusa and think, through hermeneutics phenomenological method and through the critical function of the laws philosopher, the philosophical scandals (in the law). As a conclusion, from the subject of the language, Agamben is in a middle position between Heideggers extreme point (philosophy, ontological level) and Hobbes extreme point (science, ontical level)


crises filosofia do direito metafísica linguagem laws philosophy language poder metaphysics power modernity modernidade crise direito

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