De herdeira a sucessora: uma trajetória de luta na sucessão empresarial




The objectives of this thesis are to identify and understand the aspects that are present in the succession process from father to daughter within the family business environment. A qualitative inquiry, in which, participated five heirs (married and single) with ages between 28 and 50 was carried out. The factgathering was carried out individually with the heirs by means of a semi-directed interview. The interviews focused on the history of the family of origin, of the constituted family, on the formation of the concept of work, on gender related questions and on the inherent aspects of the succession process. All these aspects were discussed under the auspices of patriarchy formation, history of women in Brazil and the formation of a family business. The results showed that these women became socialized with the work of the family business since their childhood. Although they have received an education culturally entrenched on patriarchy and gender discrimination, they were also trained to do the work and to be the head of the businesses. However, during the succession period the aspects regarding gender showed prominent. From this study it was observed that when these daughters constitute their own families many education patterns from the relationships with the families of origin are repeated, however they attempt to let their sons choose freely in regards to professional path, not feeding them with expectations that they must work in the family business. For the heirs to become successors it is necessary that the parents invest and orient them on the phases of education, socialization and growth (childhood and adolescence), aiming to incorporate the daughters in the business, to develop their personal trajectory in the company and to create a vision of the future


sucessão father and daughter gender empresa familiar gênero family business succession pais e filhas psicologia patriarcado heranca e sucessao mulher patriarchy woman empresas familiares -- sucessao mulheres de negocios

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