Dança: possibilidades e aceitação como produto turístico / Dance: opportunities and acceptance as a tourism product


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Dance, in its different modalities, is directly and closely related to tourism, due to aspects of a culture and social nature inherent to it. We can therefore classify dance as a tourism product, in terms of the production of local attractiveness. We also identify a favorable relationship between the hotel sector and dance as a tourism attraction, as the hotel can be considered an element of great significance within the strategy of tourism development. Considering the numerous possibilities of its application, we believe that better use could be made of dance, as a tourism product. This research therefore sought, based on a qualitative analysis of the reality of the offer of attractions by hotels and the dance market in Manaus, to identify possible uses of dance as a tourism attraction in hotels in Manaus, and its acceptance as a tourism product. For this, the methodological procedures adopted were based on the qualitative approach with dance professionals and hotel managers, through methodological analysis of the data based on the use of the technique of Discourse of the Collective Subject (DCS), developed by Fernando Lefèvre and Ana Maria Cavalcanti Lefèvre. At the end, the types and styles of dance found in Manaus are described, and the possible uses of dance, as well as its acceptance as a tourism attraction in top class hotels in Manaus


turismo cultura dança hotelaria atrativo turístico marketing turístico turismo turismo cultural tourism. culture dance hotel manaus tourism attraction tourism marketing

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