Da realidade ao mito e vice-versa: a aula como sistema vivo e a experiência do renascimento


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This dissertation concern about the desirable mithic and archetypical rebirth of the educational partner and the transformation of the modern structure of instituituinal meeting. The work have complex aproach, is relating and subordinating to the Biology, the deep Psychology, the Theology and the Education one another. In the Maturanas biology, the concept of living system, that would be as much the educational partner as the Class. In jung psychology, the concepto ok Individuation, as the project of rebirth. In the archaic greek mithology, the example of all the actions in the homeric and hesiodic myths, attentively in the rebirth myths. In Education, a reading of Rubem Alves, in an utopian and humanistic proposal, that conglobate and move nearer in intrinsic form the biologic, psycological and religious contents, that are the surfaces of the postmodern being.


autopoiese individuação mitologia grega aula pós-moderna teologia religiÃo e educaÇÃo autopoiesis individuation greek mithology postmodern class

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