d-GDM: A mobile diagnostic decision support system for gestational diabetes


Arch. Endocrinol. Metab.




ABSTRACT Objective The aim of the study is to describe a portable and convenient software to facilitate the diagnostics of gestational (GDM) and pre-gestational diabetes (PGDM). Materials and methods An open source software, d-GDM, was developed in Java. The integrated development environment Android Studio was used as the Android operational system. The software for GDM diagnosis uses the criteria endorsed by the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group, modified by the World Health Organization. Results GDM diagnosis criteria is not simple to follow, therefore, errors or inconsistencies in diagnosis are expected and could delay the appropriate treatment. The d-GDM, was developed to assist GDM diagnosis with precision and consistency diagnostic reports. The open source software can be manipulated conveniently. The operator requires information regarding the gestational period and selects the appropriate glycaemic marker options from the menu. During operation, pressing the button “diagnosticar” on the screen will present the diagnosis and information for the follow up. d-GDM is available in Portuguese or English and can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore. A responsive web version of d-GDM is also available. The usefulness and accuracy of d-GDM was verify by field tests involving 22 subjects and 5 mobile phone brands. The approval regards user-friendliness and efficiency were 95% or higher. The GDM diagnosis were 100% correct, in this pilot test. d-GDM is a user-friendly, free software for diagnosis that was developed for mobile devices. It has the potential to contribute and facilitate the diagnosis of gestational diabetes for healthcare professionals.

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