Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetic Analysis of Chimerism in Marmosets (Callithrix: Primates)


An. Acad. Bras. Ciênc.




ABSTRACT The birth of fraternal twins is a characteristic frequently observed in callitrichids. Cytogenetic studies have demonstrated hematopoietic chimerism in marmosets with the occurrence of two cell lines 2n=46,XX/46,XY in females and males co-twins, without phenotypic changes. Amplification by PCR have also been used to verify the presence of the SRY gene in female chimaeras. Our aim was to verify the occurrence of chimerism in Callithrix sp. individuals considered as hybrids according to their intermediate phenotypes between C. jacchus and C. penicillata. Blood samples from 37 Callithrix sp. individuals were collected. Hematopoietic chimerism 2n=46,XX/46,XY was detected by cytogenetic analysis in five individuals, three males and two females. A fragment of approximately 200bp of the SRY gene was amplified in seven females with normal external genitalia. The percentage of 32% of chimeric individuals detected in the present study is similar to that observed for pure specimens of Callithrix. These data suggests that hybridization probably does not interfere with the occurrence of twin gestation, nor of chimerism. Although cytogenetics is the main tool to identify the two cell lineages present in cases of chimerism, the amplification of the SRY gene by PCR has proved to be more efficient to identify the Y chromosome in cases of chimeric female marmoset.

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