Cura e propriedades físicas de bulbos de Amarílis (Hippeastrum x hybridum Hort.) / Curing and physical properties of Hippeastrum bulbs


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




It was developed a research to determinate some physical and chemical characteristics of Hippeastrum hybridus (Apple Blossom variety) during storage, the experimental tests were conducted on the UNICAMP lab. The experiment tests were carried out in august, 2008 because of the harvest season of the bulbs. After the harvest part of the material were impacted and the whole material were separated in portions and then received the curing treatment with hot air at 30ºC for twenty four hours making the bulbs lose about 15% of water.After curing treatment the material were divided on "impacted" and "non impacted" both portions were stored for 3 months on 13ºC, one portion didn t receive the cold treatment. After that, some physical and chemical analyses were conducted, a visual analysis was made as well, and the analyses started 10 days after the product was impacted. The following parameters were evaluated: moisture content, soluble solids (ºBRIX), weight, circumference and general appearance. The statistical analysis results showed that the impact did not affect the bulbs soluble solids but the cold chain affects them. In matters of volume the bulbs showed medium volume equal to 495cm³, the variation about 0, 028%, the apparent volume 95,625 kg , specific mass apparent 0, 617cm³ and the interstitial volume equal to 174cm³, the specific real mass it´s equal to 0,834g/cm³, porosity it´s equal to 27%. The bulb is an oblate spheroid with 90, 8% of sphericity


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