Ctrl+art+del: contexto, arte e tecnologia / Ctrl+art+del: contexto, arte e tecnologia




This work is a reflection about a new media art production which the context in different forms social, public, technological or economic is elemental part proposition. Interest us to explore what situations the technological art will act in quotidian questions and technology. Therefore, this way is supported initially in Nicolas Bourriauds theory Relational Aesthetics and also, in second moment, in several artistic strategies of intervention or transgression against homogeneous media use. The research contemplate analysis of national and foreign artworks, inside of scope marked, and resulted also in elaboration of two practical projects in development with the artist Edgar Franco, the web site Freakpedia e o Project Vislumbres Pós-humanos.


cotidiano art and technology quotidian artemídia contexto social social context communication art arte-comunicação arte e tecnologia media art

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