Crescimento de grãos e condutividade elétrica da céria-samária usando o método de sinterização em duas etapas / Grain growth and electrical conductivity of samaria-doped ceria sintered by the two-step sintering method


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Samaria-doped ceria solid solution has been proposed to be used as solid electrolyte in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells due to its high ionic conductivity at intermediate temperatures (500-750 ºC). One of the main problems related to this solid solution is the relatively low sinterability. In this work, sintering of powder compacts was carried out by the two-step sintering method to improve the densification with simultaneous reduction of the mean grain size. Samaria-doped ceria, both commercial and prepared by solid state reactions, with composition Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 were investigated. For comparison purposes, the traditional two-step sintering method, by which dense specimens are produced, was also utilized. Apparent density and linear shrinkage results showed distinct features depending on the type of specimen. Total linear shrinkage for commercial solid solution up to ~ 1400 ºC was 18%, but high density values were obtained only for sintering experiments conducted at high temperatures ( 1300 ºC). Specimens prepared by solid state reactions did not attain density values higher than 90% of the theoretical one. The traditional method produced dense specimens as well as the two-step sintering, although the grain size was considerably higher in the former. Specimens sintered by the two methods were used for electrical conductivity measurements. No significant variation in both the grain and the grain boundary conductivities was obtained. The two-step sintering did not allow any improvement in the densification and in the electrical conductivity of samaria-doped ceria. However, the decrease in the mean grain size may contribute to improve the mechanical properties of this solid solution.


grain size condutividade elétrica electrical conductivity samaria-doped ceria sintering sinterização tamanho de grão céria-samária

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