Correlations between agronomic traits and path analysis for silage production in maize hybrids






ABSTRACT The aim of the current study is to estimate the correlation coefficients and the consequence of genotypic correlations on direct and indirect effects through path analysis between agronomic traits of maize hybrids used for silage production. Eight (8) topcross hybrids and seven (7) checks were analyzed in completely randomized blocks, with six replications, in two environments: Campos do Goytacazes and Itaocara counties – Rio de Janeiro State, in the crop year 2015/2016. The following agronomic traits were assessed: plant height, first ear height, culm diameter, number of ears, ear yield with straw at silage maturity, ear yield without straw at silage maturity, grain yield at silage maturity, grains ratio in the fresh matter and fresh matter yield. The highest correlation estimates were found between the variables ear yield without straw and grain yield, and between ear yield with straw and ear yield without straw, with magnitudes 0.95 and 0.92, respectively. The coefficient of determination was high, which indicates that the assessed components explain most of the existing variation in fresh matter yield. According to the path analysis, the trait showing the strongest direct effect on fresh matter yield was the ear yield with straw at silage maturity, in association with the high correlation (r = 0.91), which showed the possibility of achieving significant gains through indirect selection.

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