Correlation of nipple eczema in pregnancy with atopic dermatitis in Northern India: a study of 100 cases


An. Bras. Dermatol.




Abstract Background Nipple eczema is a less common presentation of atopic dermatitis. No studies in the literature have correlated nipple eczema in pregnancy as a manifestation of atopic dermatitis. Objective To evaluate whether nipple eczema presenting in pregnancy is a manifestation of atopic dermatitis. Methods This was a prospective observational study including 100 women who presented with nipple eczema for the first time during pregnancy. The exclusion criteria were any patient with previous history of nipple eczema, those already on oral or topical treatment for atopic dermatitis or nipple eczema, and other disorders mimicking eczema. Patients were divided into two groups ‒ nipple eczema with atopic dermatitis and without atopic dermatitis. Demographic data, clinical features, total leukocyte count, differential leukocyte count, absolute eosinophil counts, and serum IgE levels were compared between the two groups to detect association between nipple eczema in pregnancy and atopic dermatitis. Results Out of 100 patients, 39 were diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, whereas 61 were ruled out to have any features suggestive of atopic dermatitis. There were no statistically significant differences in mean age, mean duration of symptoms, and serum IgE levels. In patients with atopic dermatitis, bilateral symptoms were noted more commonly than in patients without the disease, but this was statistically insignificant. Study limitations Lack of long term follow-up and no large studies in literature to compare results. Conclusion Nipple eczema in pregnancy follows a similar pattern as in other age groups. The clinical profile of patients is similar in cases with and without atopic dermatitis.

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