Correlation between water activity and moisture content of Turkish flower and pine honeys


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Water activity (aw) and moisture content (MC) of Turkish liquid flower and pine honeys were determined. Samples (706 flower and 257 pine) were collected during the honey harvesting seasons of 2010-2014 from 137 apiaries in locations with different climatic conditions all over the land. Up to date, this work is the first one seeking for a correlation between aw and MC for Turkish honeys, and also it is the largest and longest one among similar works to the best of the researchers’ knowledge. The ranges of aw and MC values of the Turkish honeys were in agreement with the literature. aw was determined between 0.470 and 0.563 for the flower honeys, and between 0.492 and 0.589 for the pine honeys. MC was measured between 15.0 and 20.4% (m/m) for the flower honeys and between 15.1 and 20.4% (m/m) for the pine honeys. Statistically different linear regression equations (aw versus MC) fitted data of the flower and pine honeys with significantly high coefficients of determinations (R2> 0.848), small mean absolute errors (< 1.39%) and no biases. The linear equations were analogous to equations giving the correlation between aw and MC for other honeys in the literature.

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