Corpo re-construção ação ritual performance / Body re-construction action ritual performance




Body Re-Construction Action Ritual Performance is a creation project developed during Doctorate studies and is set up from nine performances accomplished across 2003-2008 and which resulted in a collection of images, videos and audios, edited for the realization of exhibitions, shows and publications, as well as for composing the website and the book Body Re-Construction Action Ritual Performance. The thesis is an artist-book printed as an object as well as published virtually in the form of a website. The thesis is an artist-thesis, tissue drawing, text-tissue-skin, surface. It comprises the constructions, drawings, paintings, photos and texts that compose this creation-thesis. The performances were realized with diverse groups and resulted in the records that compose the work. They are impressions/inscriptions of bodies on white sheets, photos, videos, sound sceneries, drawings and engravings. In the accomplishment of the exhibitions, part of this edited material was set up in installations that compose this body. Multimedia shows have also been realized. The exhibitions and presentations showed fragments of the works relative to each action accomplished in its specific events. The thesis-book and the website include parts of the notebooks produced during the construction process of the work, together with the records of the actions and the text written for-on-in-with-between the project-thesis. The publications are the work-multiplier-inform-fragment-rhizome-expansion-slip-outflow-transfiguration and intend to build a net of actions through the artist experience in the construction of a creation-thesis.


performance body arte desenho performance fotografia arts drawing corpo photography

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