Cooperação Acadêmica Internacional: um estudo da atuação da CAPES




This thesis had the scope of analyzing the international academic cooperation in Brazil and its influence in higher education, focusing the work on CAPES, Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education of Brazil in this context. The main objective of the research was to describe the historic development of the Brazilian higher education and the creation of the main support agencies of the academic cooperation, as well as analyze the evolution of the work developed by CAPES specially within its Directorate of International Relations in this field. The thesis shows the strong influence of foreign countries, mainly european and the United States in the creation and development of the Brazilian university system and post-graduate courses, describes and prepares a scheme of the ongoing cooperation programas of CAPES and, in the end, tries to propose mechanisms of evaluation of the efficiency of the support of the internacional cooperation developed in the agency.


pós-graduação cooperação internacional educação superior ciencias humanas

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