Convergences and weaving of rocks, rivers, islands and winds: Manoel de Barros, João Cabral de Melo Neto and Corsino Fortes / Convergências e tessituras de pedras, rios, ilhas e ventos: Manoel de Barros, João Cabral de Melo Neto e Corsino Fortes




This dissertation has as its aim to examine according to praxis of Comparative Literature, the lyrical poetry of two important representatives of Brazilian and of one African contemporary literature. The research begins with critical reflections about modernity and contemporaneousness as present in the poems of Manoel de Barros, considered some contributions of academic criticism about his poetics and pointed out to a possible place for this poet in Brazilian Literature. We made efforts for outlining the ways followed by the other two poets, João Cabral de Melo Neto and Corsino Fortes, tackling the reception literary criticism gave to his productions. Then the research centered in theoretical reflections about subjectivity and its ramifications in the studied poems. This allowed a discussion of the lyric subject, the image and the flame of eroticism. In a third moment, the research revolved around approaches of signs of childhood as lived experiences according to lyric memory, contributing to the presence of myth. The work still centered in metalanguage, as well in a search under words that evoke the mineral and to language childhood, producing a meeting of stones, rivers, islands and wind which goes beyond intertextual metaphor. We integrated and usefulness to this bibliographical survey three unpublished interviews. The first with the poet Manoel de Barros, the second with Antônio Carlos Secchin, from UFRJ, and the third with Simone Caputo Gomes, one of the main researchers of the Center of African Researchs of the University of São Paulo


eroticism metalinguagem lyric subject sujeito lírico image imagem intertextualidade myth mito intertextualidade letras metalanguage erotismo

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