CONTROLE E AVALIAÇÃO DO PLANEJAMENTO ESTRATÉGICO Um estudo de caso em uma indústria de bebidas




This work presents, through a study of case in a beverages enterprise located in Rio Grande do State, a control and evaluation model letting the strategic plannings accompaniment, integrating three tools: action plans control, budgetary plan and fulfillment indicators, which orientate the politics organization established, lay the way to support the questions and actions, letting the verification, a long the time, the efficiency and the efficacity of this planning, through confident information, aiding the managers on the plannings route correction, to maintain, like this, the organization gets the future objective related on its planning. This control lets to the managers make decisions not only in past financial data but also based on its strategic planning longing for the future, accompaning the efficient fulfillment of those, compared to the desire fulfillment proporcionating the feedback to the corrective actions done by the managers, when it will be necessary. Then, the established strategic matters on its planning, distributed in action plans, quantified in budgetary plan and called key-indicators to be controlled, will proporcionate a larger probability to get the desire results on the established strategics, becoming the way the organization get a comparative position and maintain its survivance a long time with its objective future obtained.


administração indústria de bebidas planejamento estratégico engenharia de produção engenharia de producao

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