Controle dinâmico de robôs móveis com acionamento diferencial




This work addresses the dynamic control problem of two-wheeled differentially driven non-holonomic mobile robot. Strategies for robot positioning control and robot orientating control are presented. Such strategies just require information about the robot conguration (x, y and teta), which can be collected by an absolute positioning system. The strategies development is related to a change on the controlled variables for such systems, from x, y and teta to s (denoting the robot linear displacement) and teta, and makes use of the polar coordinates representation for the robot kinematic model. Thus, it is possible to obtain a linear representation for the mobile robot dynamic model and to develop such strategies. It is also presented that such strategies allow the use of linear controllers to solve the control problem. It is shown that there is flexibility to choice the linear controller (P, PI, PID, Model Matching techniques, others) to be implemented. This work presents an introduction to mobile robotics and their characteristics followed by the control strategies development and controllers design. Finally, simulated and experimental results are presented and commented


dynamic control mobile robots control controle de robôs móveis robótica engenharia eletrica controle dinâmico robotics

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