Control of strain in a flexible beam using Ni-Ti-Cu shape memory alloy wire actuators


J. Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. & Eng.




In this paper the development of an experimental test bench to analyze and control the strain of a flexible aluminum beam subjected to external disturbances is described. In the proposed platform, strain-gauges are used to measure the strain of the beam in a single cantilever mode while Ni-Ti-Cu Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires are used as force actuators. Data acquisition and control system are implemented with an ADuC microcontroller. The response of the structure in open-loop was used to identify the mathematical model of the system. To find the appropriate controller and to reach the best performance of the system, it was used techniques of direct tuning (pole-zero cancellation) in the identified model. The PI controller has been used to control the strain of the beam for different types of reference signals, as square, sinusoidal and triangular. The frequencies of the reference signals have been varied to observe to which bandwidth the system can respond. Experimental results are used to demonstrate the usefulness of the PI controller in the proposed smart structure.

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