Contribuições para a clínica psicanalítica do trauma




The present psychoanalytical research brings metapsychological considerations on the theme of trauma, its impacts and possible psychical consequences, based on Sigmund Freud and Sándor Ferenczi. Through the contributions of Ferenczi, the subject of trauma is examined, with the intention to understand clinical phenomena, especially of psychical paralysis and strong submission to the analyst, features that characterize a typical transferencial picture, nominated by the author as masochist-depressive transference. Such basis allowed us to consider that indifferent and violent repetitive maternal and paternal attitudes can provoke pathological effects on the psychical development of a child, taken by great amounts of excitement, disorganizing his subjective functioning and mobilizing pathological defense mechanisms that reflect a wounded narcissism. Four clinical cases have been examined, in which transferencial movements indicated psychical defenses such as splitting, psychopathological progression and identification with the aggressor. In such cases, the analyst had to work to allow the bounding of psychical excesses to words, and thus to construct meanings for traumatic experiences. The clinical necessity of non-standardized psychoanalytical technique was verified, and also the need to consider the importance of the real fact, as much as the patients attributed meaning to the traumatic fact. It was concluded mainly that considering the masochist-depressive transference, the underlying traumatic factors and the derivative pathological psychical defenses brings more possibilities of intervention to the analysis, with special attention for the factors that produce compulsion to repetition and corporal symptoms


psicologia psychoanalytical practice trauma sándor ferenczi sándor ferenczi transferência depressivo-masoquista masochist-depressive transference freud, sigmund -- 1856-1939 transferencia (psicologia) trauma psychical defenses psychoanalytical technique ferenczi, sandor -- 1873-1933 clínica psicanalítica trauma psiquico defesas psíquicas técnica psicanalítica

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