Contribuição para o projeto urbano Anhumas Campinas/SP / Contribution to urban design Anhumas Campinas / SP




This dissertation consists of a contribuition to the case study of the Projeto Urbano Anhumas in Campinas SP, located at the outskirts of the beltline of the expanded center of the city, in a vacant urban area created by the desactivation of the railroad bed at the point where the Anhumas stream is formed. With the objective of recommending procedures for the re-integration of the surronding urban mesh, it considers the urban development, the historical upbringing ot the citys morfology, as well as the study of the legal and environmental aspects, and of the urban dispersion. The analysis occurs on local and metropolitan scenario, under the perspective of the development of settelments situated along the old railroad. It has a background on recent theories on contemporary urbanism, analyzed through real cases of national and international experiences, confronted with the local reality.


campinas operação urbana anhumas vazio urbano campinas projeto urbano vacant urban urban operation anhumas urban project

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