ContribuiÃÃo à Tomada de DecisÃo para a IntegraÃÃo dos MunicÃpios Brasileiros ao Sistema Nacional de TrÃnsito / Decision Making Contribution to the Brazilian Cities Integration to the National Traffic System






The transportation and traffic problems inherent to Brazilian cities are getting worse because of their growing urbanization process e the people life quality depends on management improvements. The 1988 Brazilian Federal Constitution law restored a new federative pact, placing the Cities and the States as parts of the Federation, and awarded autonomy to the cities to draw up and apply urban development public policies, including the traffic ones, based on the legal obligation of urban management, as established by the Brazilian Traffic Code. However, this power transition is not occurring with the expected speed and its results can be very harmful to the citizens due to the gap that is verified. The main objective of this research was to present a set of recommendations that supports and motivates the managersâ decision making to integrate the Brazilian cities to the National Traffic System (NTS). It was started by a contextualized discussion of the Brazilian traffic management law, based on its historical evolution. And next, it was presented a characterization of the evolution of the traffic management transfer process to the cities in Brazil, with a focus on its current status. Then, it was presented an institutional diagnosis analysis of the problematic involving the difficulties and challenges of the cities integration to the NTS, based on the analysis of the influence of variables related to the urban planning and developing level. The research was concluded with the presentation of a structured set of recommendations related to legal and institutional, financial, and management training aspects, to support the decision making by the cities integration to the NTS, aiming to contribute to accelerate this process in Brazil.


engenharia de transportes transportes - dissertaÃÃo gestÃo do trÃnsito municipalizaÃÃo do trÃnsito tomada de decisÃo transportation - dissertation traffic management decision making

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