Construir frondoso :uma herança esquecida?




This dissertation of master degree was presented to Post-Graduation Program in Architecture and Planning at UFRN, Brazil. It evaluates 45 one-family housings in the Metropolitan Area of Recife, whose architects consider them to be in conformity with the recommendations contained in Armando de Holanda s book: A Guide to build in the Brazilian Northeast: Architecture as a pleasant place in the sunny tropics, published in 1976 by UFPE. For a long time, it used to be reference in many Architecture and Planning Schools of the Northern Region of Brazil. The researchs methodological procedures are based on the Post- Occupancy Evaluation (P.O.E.) with emphasis on the users thermal comfort of the houses that make part of the sample. Therefore, it has been done technical analyses of the projects, when possible; interviews with the architects; buildings inspections; and form applications to the users. The collected data analysis was based on the project recommendations of Holandas book, they can be synthesized in the principle of Building Leafy". It can not be affirmed that all the houses present the recommendations contained in the guide, but, in many different ways, they exist, sometimes more intensely and sometimes more shyly. However, it can be noticed that in the 45 projects, that the architects perceived the importance of "Building Leafy" on the climatic reality of the Metropolitan Region of Recife


avaliação pós-ocupação (a.p.o.) arquitetura bioclimática bioclimatic architecture arquitetura e urbanismo arquitetura regionalista post-occupancy vvaluation (p.o.e.) regionalist architecture

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