Construção e validação de um instrumento para avaliação de modelos de cuidado de enfermagem




The care models represent an important knowledge in nursing. There are different nursing care models, which have been progressively developed and represent an important possibility of development in the area of nursing. However, there is not any proposition which allows to verity the legitimacy of these models and their effective contribution to the quality in nursing care. Thus, the objectives of this study were to create an instrument to evaluate the Nursing Care Models, to support the validity of each evaluation criterion included in the instrument, and, apply the instrument to evaluate Rocha#s (2005) Nursing Care Model to Institutionalized Children Victims of Violence. This research is methodological and evaluative research. The methodological research was used to create the instrument elaboration and validation proposal to evaluate the nursing care models. The evaluative research was used to evaluate Rocha#s (2005) Care Model. This study was carried out form March 2006 to November 2008. The methodological path to elaborate the Nursing Care Model Evaluation Instrument had four different steps. First, the elaboration of the evaluation criteria; second, the proposal was analyzed by a three-member committee of specialists, third, the proposal was revised and evaluated by a second eighteen-member committee of specialists; and, fourth, the statistical analysis was made and the comments and suggestions made by the specialists were taken into consideration. The evaluation of Rocha#s (2005) Model was made by eighteen specialists using the proposal of nursing care model evaluation instrument presented in the present study, that is, the specialists evaluated Rocha#s (2005) Model and the instrument proposal at the same time. The analysis of their answers, suggestions and comments was used to offer support and reliability to the evaluative process, including the quantitative analysis of the objective answers and the qualitative analysis of the texts elaborated by the specialists as part of the evaluative process they participated. The rigor and the ethical considerations of this study are presented throughout the study. The final result was an Instrument to Evaluate the Nursing Care Models consisting of seven criteria and their respective evaluative questions. The Care Model to Children Victims of Violence (ROCHA, 2005) was considered as a Nursing Care Model by the specialists, which, on the other hand, needs some small changes. Moreover, this is believed that, the nurses will evaluate, guide themselves to create other Nursing Care Model proposals, recognizing their theoretical and practical consistencies through the use of the instrument as a guide.


enfermagem cuidados de enfermagem - modelos - avaliação

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