Considerações ambientais em termoeconomia : um estudo de caso




A thermodynamic analysis was carried out for a coke dry quenching (CDQ) unit of Brazilian iron &steel making plant. By means of the exergetic analysis it is stressed that the dry process is more adequate regarding energy consumption and impact on the environment than the wet (CWQ). Manufacturer data were used and expressions were developed to estimate the generation of particulates, their recycling and selling indexes, and the coke loss by combustion inside the extinction chamber. To perform de thermodynamic analysis, expressions for heat capacity, enthalpy, entropy, chemical and physical exergy were also developed. Such expressions were found to have good agreement with the literature. Based on physical and technical analysis of the process, this study is extended to include thermoeconomic approach with environmental considerations using the "Environmental Thermoeconomic Functional Approach (Environomics)". The system is optimized respective to the efficiencies of the emissions reductions (particulates) of the environmental control devices (fabric filters). The results are presented in the trade off graphs and tables and discussed. The curves obtained follow the "RegIa deI Notario" (Notary s Law) and all the extensions to the community are commented and discussed


termoeconomia meio ambiente analise termica

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