Conservation of Euterpe oleracea seeds / Conservação de sementes de açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.)




Seeds of Euterpe oleracea Mart. are considered recalcitrant and demand enlargement of the knowledge about the factors that interfere in its conservation. The present work aimed to verify the effects on seed moisture content and of the atmosphere temperature in the maintenance of seed quality. Seeds of cultivar BRS Pará, with moisture content of 43,4%, 37,4%, 30,3%, 26,1%, 21,0%, 15,1% and 11,9%, conditioned in polyethylene bags, were stored under controlled temperature at 20ºC, 15ºC and 10ºC, for 360 days, and submitted to periodic evaluations of the moisture content, germination, vigor and the health condition. The dehydration up to 37,4% of water does not produce immediate effects on the germination and vigour. However, after 37,4% it progressively favors the deterioration, and when reaching 15,1% the physiologic performance is annulled. After the storage, seeds with 21,0% of water or less have the germination annulled, independently of the temperature. It was verified that the association of seeds with 43,4% of water and the storage at 20ºC support the conservation of the seeds up to 270 days.


palm tree seed deterioration açaí deterioração de semente palmeira vigor vigour assai secagem drying

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