Conservação pós-colheita do jiló em embalagens ativas / The post-harvest conservation of the giló Solanum gilo Raddi in active packages




The Solanum gilo Raddi (jiloeiro) belongs to the Solanaceae family. The immature fruits are light-green or dark-green colored, but become orangereddish when ripe. The flavor of the fruits in all cultivars are characteristically bitter, which is agreeable to some consumers, but limits their consumption by others . The giló S. gilo is considered a vegetable that has high requirement for heat and is very sensible to cold, therefore its growth is very difficult in states such as Massachusetts - USA. Such as other ethnic groups living in this state, many Brazilians look for vegetables that are part of their alimentary culture, as being the S. gilo is among the most demanded ones. Its postharvest shelf life is very short under environmental conditions, because it is exposed to high temperatures, low relative humidity and their changes. The use of plastic package rather increases its conservation, due to modification of the air composition in its interior, with the increased CO2 and decreased O2 levels. This study was carried out to evaluate the influence of either temperature and different dosages of the potassium permanganate sachets, 1- methylcyclopropene sachets (1-MCP) and oxygen absorber sachets postharvest shelf life of the S. gilo stored at 5C, simulating the transport period and the consumption of this vegetable to be exported to the state of Massachusetts, USA. The following analyses were accomplished: mass loss of the relative fresh matter; dry matter content; relative water content; total soluble sugar; starch content; chlorophyll; and the both instrumental and visual color analyses. The entirely randomized experimental design was used. The variance analysis of the data was accomplished, by applying the Duncan mean test (P = 0.05) in order to compare the effects of the treatments at different time intervals after harvesting. It was observed that the shelf life of fruits treated with the oxygen absorber and stored at 5C and 90% relative humidity was lengthened up to 29 days. Thus, this is an alternative technique for exportation of the S. gilo Raddi to Massachusetts-USA.


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