Conservação de energia em edificios comerciais atraves da implementação de dispositivos de automação / Conservation of energy in commercial buildngs through the implementation of automation devices




This work comes to present a panorama of the electric system found usually in commercial constructions of great load, with about thirty years of operation, that operate in way a little efficient for the current parameters, mainly in her air conditioning system. In that construction (in study), her system of environmental conditioning represents an increment in the energy demand of about 60%, passing to the 450.000 kWh/month for 750.000 kWh/month, and the change of those equipments for more modern and efficient, it would mean great investments, becoming unviable in the short period. With that, a prototype was elaborated containing automation devices, that can be incorporate to the existent system, without great difficulties, and minimizing the operational costs with the system. Those devices allow a more efficient monitoring, without the need of those investments, as the substitution of great equipments (compressors, chillers, etc.) that they part of the system of air conditioned central. That prototype allowed to demonstrate that with the application of those incorporate devices in those systems, they can generate an economy of about 20% in the electric power consumption, that represents a quite significant economy of 60.000 kWh/month, (this case) when operated the system of conditioned air, besides relieving the human resources made available for that monitoring type


intelligent buildings energy efficient buildings automação automation arquitetura e conservação de energia edificios inteligentes energia eletrica - conservação electric power conservation

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