Consciência crítica na prosa de ficção de Carlos Drummond de Andrade / Critical consciousness in Carlos Drummond de Andradeshort fiction




Every literary work is a critique to the extent that it questions or modifies a reality, be it that of the world outside or of its own world. But, with modern literary tradition, the presence of a self-consciousness about its own creation has recurred more frequently among writers and this ends up facilitating the appearance of many poets and prose writers with a leaning for criticism. This occurs with striking evidence in Drummonds literary production and it is no different in his fictional prose. The great difference that Carlos Drummond de Andrade brings to criticism resides in the fact that it is within literary production itself that he shows a keen aesthetic conscience and exercises his criticism and self-criticism. This can be seen in his poetry as well as in his prose fiction, to the point of forming a poetics of his work. It is in this sense that this study seeks to take Drummonds two books of short stories, Contos de aprendiz and Contos plausíveis and some chronicles, to show how the writer, as a modern chronicler, uses critical conscience as a means of reflecting on and questioning literary writing in its many different dimensions: that of irony and self-irony as a mark of resistance to modernity; that of the refusal of the configured representation in a questioning of the limits between truth and untruth, plausible and non-plausible, verisimilar and non-verisimilar, the usual and the unusual in fiction; that of the tenuous frontier which separates poetry and prose; the very concept of the story and the chronicle as literary texts; that of the influence of other writers or of the confluence with them in the tradition of the story as is the example of Drummond himself as a reader of Machado de Assis. The aim of this study is, therefore, to read the Drummond stories more systematically so as to show how the story writer and the critic or the story-writer critic intertwine, two faces of a Drummond which although present in his vast output, are little known and little studied by the critics, he who is one of the most exhaustibly read and studied authors of all times in Brazilian literature.


andrade, carlos drummond de, 1902- conto literary modernity literatura brasileira short story drummond crítica verisimilitude drummond critique modernidade literária verossimilhança literatura brasileira - crítica, interpretação, etc

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