Concepções alternativas em optica




Aiming at describing the Altemative Conception of our high-school students conceming light and the process of vision, we intervic cd scvcm students and applicd two questionaries to two hundred and fifty students all togcthcr 01 Private and State schools in Juiz de Fora - MO.The Altemative Conceptions presented by the subjects of our research do not differ much from those found by Ouesne in French students and by La Rosa in Italian students. We found out that the students are consistent with the interpretation that the function of light is to light up the object but it (the light) is not directly involved in the process of vision. Besides that, for being part of student s daily life, light doesn t manage to draw attention, by itself, except in cases of extreme shortage of light or excess of clarity. The students didn t assimilate the dynamic behavior of light and, although making use of the drawing of luminous rays and using words such as "to enter" and "to arrive", the maximum that they achieved was to associate the movement 01 light to the movement 01 the luminous source and those luminous rays and those words were used in the static geometrical sense. The altemative models concerning light and the process of vision are associated to the so called "methodology of superficiality" in which the student interprets the phenomenon superficially and at the level of his immediate perception


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