ConcepÃÃes e prÃticas de gestÃo: investigando a Universidade de Pernambuco




The content of this study results of a research carried through with nine directors of the colleges that compose the University of Pernambuco, the Director of same and the Secretary of Science and Technology of Pernambuco, which the University of Pernambuco is subordinated. The objective of the study were to mainly identify to the conceptions of autonomy and management of the directors of the colleges that are part of the University of Pernambuco, as well as investigating if its conceptions and the mechanisms of used management if more than approach a perspective of democratic management or a gerencialist perspective, because are inheriting of a hybrid structure of State patrimonialist, however bureaucratic. We use, as metodological resource, interviews of the type half-structuralized and analysis documentary. The study it possess a qualitative boarding and it searched to elaborate an interpretation of the data investigated through the content analysis. The results show that, even so the interviewed directors emphasize an understanding of the action for the democratic management, the used mechanisms to live deeply it if they coat with the gerencialist, proper character of the values and the liberal ideal of society. In this way, the study it points with respect to the necessity of if deepening the understanding around the thematic one, extending the quarrel spaces and to join efforts in the fight for an effective democratic management, basic condition for the improvement of the quality in the education


educacao concepÃÃes de autonomia e gestÃo mecanismos de gestÃo perspectiva de gestÃo democrÃtica qualidade na educaÃÃo

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