Computational Modelling of RC Slabs Cracking with an Embedded Discontinuity Formulation


Lat. Am. j. solids struct.




Abstract This paper investigates the cracking process of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to vertical load, involving their crack pattern and the load-displacement capacity curve. Concrete was discretized with hexahedral finite elements with embedded discontinuities; whereas steel reinforcement was represented by 3D bar elements, placed along the edges of the solid elements, both kinds of elements have three degrees of freedom per node. The constitutive behaviour of concrete considers the softening deformation after reaching a failure surface, whereas the hardening of the reinforcing steel is represented by a 1D rate independent plasticity model with isotropic hardening. The coupling of solid and bar finite elements was validated with a reinforced concrete slab reported in the literature; other two slabs were also investigated showing their cracking patters at the top and at the bottom surfaces.

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