Computational modelling of MHD unsteady flow and heat transfer toward a flat plate with Navier slip and Newtonian heating


Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering




The combined effects of Navier slip and Newtonian heating on an unsteady hydromagnetic boundary layer stagnation point flow towards a flat plate in the presence of a magnetic field are studied. The self-similar equations are obtained using similarity transformations and solved numerically by a shooting algorithm with a Runge-Kutta Fehlberg integration scheme. The velocity profiles, temperature profiles, the local skin friction coefficient, and the local Nusselt number are computed and discussed in details for various values of the different parameters. Numerical results are presented both in tabular and graphical forms, illustrating the effects of these parameters on the thermal and concentration boundary layers. It is revealed that the thermal boundary layer thickens with a rise in the flow unsteadiness and as Newtonian heating intensifies, while the local skin friction and the rate of heat transfer at the plate surface change significantly due to the slip parameter.

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