Composição e decomposição de figuras geométricas planas por alunos do ensino médio




The purpose of this research is to study the calculation of the figure area by the composition and decomposition of plain geometric figures, by students of the third grade of a public High School in the city of Jacupiranga. To do that, it is presented to the students a diagnostic test made up of two activities, with the objective of checking if they has the necessary pre - requirements for the application of the learning sequence. The first activity is a sequence of plain geometric figures for the determination of their areas; the second one, it is a list of problems that aim to verify if the student can pass from the written language to the geometric language. The research presents also a learning sequence that contain eleven exercises, whose objective is work the composition and decomposition of plain figures to calculate the area of the hachuradas regions. On analysis of the diagnostic test obtained results we observed that majority of the students know how to calculate the plain geometric figure area. After the analysis of the learning sequence, we can observe that the majority of the student demonstrate much difficulty concerning the calculation of the figures area that require decomposition or composition. The research was based on Raymond Duvals theories, considering the four forms of fears from the records of semiotic sequence representation registers, perceptive, discoursive and operatory


matematica (elementar) -- livros didaticos decomposition geometria -- estudo e ensino decomposição matematica composition composição registro de representação semiótica área area matematica -- estudo e ensino semiotic representation register

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