Composição do agronegócio no Estado de Minas Gerais / Composition of the agribusiness in the state of Minas Gerais




The new agricultural standard that was established on the decades of 1960 pointed a greater segmentation and specialization in the commodities market. The trend is the agro-industries concentration, verticalization on the production and great conglomerates formation. In this work were evaluated the transformations in the productive compositions structures of the agribusiness of Minas Gerais, in 1999, according to the aggregate definitions (goods suppliers for the farming), II aggregate (farming production), III aggregate (processing and agricultural industrialization) and IV aggregate (agricultural distribution). Furthermore, it was determined the chaining effects among the other sectors, using the Rasmussen-Hirschman index, influence field and pure linkage index. The analysis of the Rasmussen-Hirschman index between industries pointed as key sections the metallurgic activities; cell, paper and graphs; and the textile industry. In the analysis of the linkage pure index, that considerate the production volume, the key-sections were: food industry, cattle, civil construction, metallurgy, commerce, service suppliers, public administration, transports, petroleum refining, and industry services of public utility. According to the influence field, the main linkages in the economy of Minas Gerais, in 1999, were dominated by sectors: cattle; cars, trucks and buses; cell, paper and graphs; clothing and public administration. In the case of investments which allow a change in the technical coefficient of the production of these activities, the effects from the relations among the sectors spread faster. The second step was the evaluation of the agribusiness production structure in Minas Gerais that detaches the importance of the agribusiness for the economy of Minas Gerais. The agribusiness generate an income of R$ 27.191.839 mil, that is equivalent to 31% of the total income at Minas Gerais State. Besides, the agribusiness participates within 10% of the total country agribusiness income. The results shows that the aggregated I, or, the suppliers sectors of inputs for the rural production, contributes with 19,85 % to the agribusiness of Minas Gerais. The farming (aggregate II) has a strong contribution (26,36%) for the formation of GDP agribusiness of Minas Gerais. On the other hand, the Minas Gerais industry has the smaller relative share (13,72%), which shows that it needs a dynamic process on these sectors for its structure enabling the conditions to absorb the farming basis development. About the final distribution activities (aggregate IV), it contributes with 40,07 % of GDP agribusiness of Minas Gerais. Therefore, these sectors have the biggest representation in the agribusiness of Minas Gerais, indicating that the State follows the country trends to the agribusiness productive structure decentralization. In relation to the development level in the agribusiness structure, the Minas Gerais economy presented, in 1999, characteristics of industrialized food economy because of it participation on the farming production lower than 30% of the total agribusiness value.


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