Comportamento de estacas escavadas de pequeno diâmetro em solo laterítico e colapsível da região de Campinas/SP / Behavior of bored piles of small diameter in collapsible and lateritic soil in the region of Campinas/SP




This paper aims to study the behavior of bored piles of small diameters, subjected to axial compression loads by static load tests carried out at the Field of Experimental Soil Mechanics and Foundation 2 at Unicamp. The CEMSF2 has a geological profile whose first layer is composed of silty clay, with coluvionar, lateritic, and collapsible features.This study intended to evaluate the load capacities and the settlements of these foundations in such conditions: a) without any pre- wetting nor improvement in the tip; b) without any pre-wetting but with a tip improvement, placing a volume of 18 liters of stones 1 in the base of the pile before concreting c) with pre- wetting but without tip improvement and d) with pre-wetting and tip improvement. All these piles were subjected to two loading (tests and retests), under the same test condition described above. Conventional tensiometers were installed to read the matric suctions of the soil during the performance of the load tests. Throughout the load versus settlement curves the load capacities and the strength to lateral friction and tip were defined using methods of interpretation of these curves with the soil without any pre-wetting and 48-hour-pre wetting, considering the reductions of the values of the soil matric suction due to two moisture conditions. The load capacity of piles in the tests was smaller than the one in the retests for the piles without any pre-flooding, due to the increase of the tip strength in the retests. In the load tests with pre-flooding, in general, there was not any increase of strength in the tip of the tests for the retests. The strength to the lateral friction was greater than the tip strength in all loading tests. The placing stones 1did not result any improvement to the bearing capacity. Considerable reductions in bearing capacity were observed because of the pre-wetting soil, such reductions are more significant for the piles with improved tip


estacas de concreto prova de carga fundações solos tropicais capacidade de carga concrete piles load test foundations tropical soils bearing capacity

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