Complex of DNA with chromatin proteins investigated by isopycnic centrifugation in metrizamide.


Complexes of mouse main band DNA with a fraction of non-histone proteins (NHP), having a high affinity for DNA, in the absence or presence of histones have been investigated by gradient centrifugation in metrizamide. Two types of complexes were formed at an input ratio of NHP to DNA between 1 and 2.5. In metrizamide gradients a majority of DNA was found in the light complex (at the density of 1.14-1.16 g/cm3) even at the very high NHP to DNA ratio. When histones were present in the reaction mixture, most of the DNA was found in the heavy complex (1.19-1.21 g/cm3). The electrophoretic profiles of the proteins recovered from the heavy and light complexes were different; some fractions of nonhistone proteins were present only in the heavy component.

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