Complementos sentenciais finitos de verbos causativos : um argumento favorável à hipótese SPLIT-VP




This work intends to analyze the structure of finite sentential complements of causative verbs, mainly ?fazer? and ?pedir?. What motivated it was the fact that this kind of sentence is commonly introduced by preposition (?fazer com que? e ?pedir para que?), contradicting the undeniable tendency of non use of the preposition in such cases. In the first chapter, the concepts of preposition and indirect object will be discussed. In the second, it will be reviewed the classification, proposed by Rochette, of the verbs according to their semantic properties. Following, it will be exposed some of the main arguments that bear out the split-VIP thesis. In the last chapter, it will be defended the main idea of this work: it will be argued that such prepositions check dative Case in AgrIOP position.


gramática comparada e geral - verbos gramática gerativa generative grammar grammar comparactive and general - verb

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