Comparison of Standardized Dichloromethane with Aqueous Pterodon pubescens Benth. Fruit Extracts on Antinociceptive and Anti-Inflammatory Activity


J. Braz. Chem. Soc.




Pterodon pubescens Benth., popularly known as "sucupira", is traditionally used as pain healing agent for many inflammatory diseases. The present study evaluated the in vivo antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties of sucupira's fruit dicloromethane extract (Pp) compared to the aqueous extract (Ppa) traditionally used in folk medicine. Extracts' chemical characterization was performed by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectra (GC-MS) detection. The standardized extracts were evaluated using antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory experimental models with mice. The results reported herein allowed establishing a relationship between the popular use of Pterodon pubescens fruit for pain relief and the activity of two major compounds isolated from this species which demonstrated antinociceptive activity. The experimental models corroborate activity of aqueous extract antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity, with lower potency compared to dichloromethane extract. Nevertheless the resulting data corroborates sucupira's folk use for pain relief.

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