Comparison between the field performance of CAP 30-45 and CAP 50-70 for pavement layers. / Comparação do comportamento em campo de concretos asfálticos com CAP 30-45 e com CAP 50-70 para revestimentos de pavimentos.




In the last years, the volume of commercial heavy vehycles that transit through Brazilian highways is increasing. In addition, pavement wearing courses are exposed to the influence of high temperatures, that cause precocious asphalt layer distresses Therefore, asphalt mixture alternatives to the high traffic higwayshave been studied. One of the possibilities is the substitution of CAP 50-70, the most used asphalt binder in the country, for CAP 30-45, due to its higher consistency and viscosity. This thesis compares the mechanical behavior of asphalt concrete using CAP 50-70 with the mixture employing CAP 30-45, concerning the wearing courses for high traffic highways. It is also analysed the differences of mechanical results using Marshall and Superpave mix desing methods. The performance of wearing courses was analyzed based on the results obtained from a study developed at the Presidente Dutra Highway, where three experimental trails were build using different asphalt concretes: a CAP 50-70 mix designed according Marshall, a CAP 50-70 mix designed by Superpave and a CAP 30-45 mix designed by Marshall Method. The three experimental trails were submitted to a full scale traffic simulation test, using the HVS equipment. The results of this research, developed at laboratories and field, where analyzed to determine the benefits and limitations of each of the alternatives. The analyses showed that the mixture using the CAP 50-70 Superpave presented a lower asphalt content, what caused performance problems such as reflective cracks and rutting. The AC using CAP 50-70 Marshall presented a satisfactory performance, however some distresses at the end of the simulation test were occurred. The mixture using CAP 30-45 Marshall presented a good field performance, and its use can be recomended at the high traffic highways, since the strucure provides the necessary stiffness and low deflections. The full scale traffic simulator proved to be an efficient tool in order to preview the pavement structure behavior and field performance.


pavimentação infra-estrutura de transportes paving transportation infra-structure asphalt asfalto

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