Comparative analysis of voltage regulation strategies in power distribution systems with distributed generators / Análise comparativa de estratégias para regulação de tensão em sistemas de distribuição de energia elétrica na presença de geradores distribuídos




In order to assure that the installation of distributed generation would improve the operation of distribution and subtransmission networks, its technical impacts should be carefully studied, especially in distribution networks, which were originally designed to operate with unidirectional power flow. Among these impacts, the influence of distributed generation on voltage regulation is a very important aspect because it is directly related to the quality of electricity supply to the consumers. In this context, it is important to know and employ means of controlling the interaction between these generators and conventional voltage regulation devices (transformers with on-load tap changers, shunt capacitor banks and voltage regulators) assuring that the voltage supply remains within the range of permissible values. Thus, this work proposes a comparative analysis among different operational strategies of voltage regulation devices in distribution systems in the presence of distributed generators. Some of the methodologies discussed here are fairly consolidated and usually applied in power industry and academic researches, while others are suggested by this work. Such strategies are proposed as mixed integer nonlinear programming problems considering different operation modes of distributed generators and two different objective functions, treated independently: minimization of voltage deviations and minimization of power losses. The results of each operation strategy application are presented and a qualitative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each one is performed. So far, a set of information that may provide support to configure operating characteristics and define control parameters of voltage regulation system in power distribution networks has been generated.


distributed (embedded) generation optimization regulação de tensão voltage regulation devices dispositivos reguladores de tensão geração distribuída otimização voltage regulation

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