Communication and on-line interaction as new form of sociability: analyzing a virtual tourism community / Comunicação e interação on-line como nova forma de sociabilidade: analisando uma comunidade virtual de turismo




The communication velocity between individuals is no longer the same as it was in the past. Time and space are no longer barriers against worldwide communication, as with the appearance and constant evolution of new communication and information technologies, it is possible to approach people in all parts of the world who are interested in sharing information, ideas and experiences. As a result of this, one can perceive that a new form of communitarian organization is appearing, utilizing these new technologies: the virtual communities. These communities involve individuals who have common interests, in a space where communication is fundamental in the acceptance and integration process of same. However, as it is a relatively new environment, one does not yet have a wide vision of the factors, which involve the society in the network and principally in the virtual communities. This research therefore had the objective of analyzing the formation of the virtual communities as a means for the individual to interact within a group, enabling their interaction and sociability in a virtual environment, broaching issues like inclusion, cooperation and conflicts. Research of an exploratory qualitative nature was therefore carried out, in order to obtain relevant data for the substantiation of the established proposal. The data for this research was collected through profound observation and interviews and analyzed and interpreted with the help of theoretic references, from the analysis of discourse, seeking to better understand this phenomenon. A high degree of cooperation between their members was perceived in the community (Mochileirosbr), which were researched, and we believe that the conflicts, which exist there, do not compromise the cohesion of the group, as possible divergences were considered as something beneficial which adds to the debate in focus of the community.


comunicacao cooperation and conflict virtual communities sociability cohesion sociabilidade ciberespaço cooperação e conflito comunidades virtuais coesão

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