Comitê de auditoria: uma análise baseada na divulgação das informações de empresas brasileiras / Audit committee: an analysis based on the disclosure information of Brazilian companies




Successive crises and frauds involving large companies in recent years have driven the society and the governments to seek new forms of control and to revive old forms previously set aside. Since the Audit Committee (AC) is one of the most important sources of control within present needs of the organizations, this research aims to identify and analyze the most relevant aspects that characterize audit committees. Various regulations and guidelines, such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, were created to regulate AC in Brazil and other countries as well, so a comparison was performed between the Brazilian regulations and guidelines produced by Brazilian and international authorities and regulatory bodies. As a contribution to the knowledge on the subject, a documental research was performed in 112 large companies in Brazil to identify the main information on audit committees disclosed by these organizations using the Internet communication channel. An index to compare companies disclosure on audit committees was created (IDCA). The findings show that most companies of the sample did not present a level of disclosure on the IDCA index to allow an effective view of the audit committee in these organizations.


corporate governance teoria da agência board of directors audit committee conselho de administração governança corporativa agency theory conselho fiscal comitê de auditoria

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