Coliform Behavior in Frozen Foods: I. Rapid Test for the Recovery of Escherichia coli from Frozen Foods


An assortment of 496 samples of frozen foods consisting of fish or marine products, variety types, and cream pie desserts were subjected to four parallel examinations for the recovery of Escherichia coli. The test procedures consisted of two low-temperature (35 C) and two high-temperature (44 C) presumptive tests, followed by an E C confirmatory test at 45.5 C. Of all the test methods examined, a single Lauryl Sulfate Tryptose (LST) presumptive test at 44 C gave best E. coli recovery (425). This recovery compared favorably with the lengthier Association of Official Analytical Chemists test with which only 420 E. coli cells were recovered. The LST (44 C) test saves much time, since it renders a follow-up 48-hr confirmatory test unnecessary. Moreover, since 96% of all the E. coli are recovered within 24 hr by LST (44 C), it is essentially a 24-hr test. The results of this study also confirmed earlier findings, in that it is possible to describe a specific coliform bacteriological test method by simple reproducible productivity ratios. E. coli recovery dilution data and coliform group behavior were also examined.

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