CO2 laser-assisted debonding for esthetic ceramic brackets / Laser de CO2 como auxiliar na remoção de bráquetes estéticos cerâmicos


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This study evaluates the efficacy CO2 10,6 m laser-assisted debonding esthetic ceramic brackets. For this purpose it was used 105 recently extracted lower human premolars that were irradiated with CO2 laser before debonding. In the first phase, the objectives were to measure and compare the temperature in composite for bracket bonding and at the pulp chamber after CO2 laser irradiation, to observe the safety for enamel, as well the temperature was enough to softening the composite, making debonding bracket easier. In this part it was used 30 lower premolar recently extracted, and each one received 4 irradiations with different protocols, randomly choose. It was tested 12 different protocols varying time of irradiation (3 and 5s), pulse duration (0,01s e 0,03s) and power (5, 8 and 10W). Each protocol was repeated for 10 times (n=10), resulting 120 irradiations. In every irradiation the teeth tested were immerse in warm water bath at 37o C. It was found 4 protocols with pulp temperature lower than 5,5º C, so this is compatible with pulp health. In the second phase of this study, the objective was to evaluate the shear bond strength after laser irradiation, using the protocols with pulp chamber temperatures lower than 5,5º C. Seventy-five lower human premolars was shared in 5 groups. One group did not receive laser irradiation and considered Control (C) and the other groups the irradiation was made as it follows: Group I (power density 5W; pulse duration 0,01s; irradiation time 3s), Group II (5W; 0,03s, 3s), Group III (8W; 0,01s; 3s) and Group IV (10W; 0,01s; 3s). After results ANOVA and Tukey tests were made. Group IV presented lowering in SBS force (7,33 MPa) when compared with C (10,81MPa). This protocol was founded as a safe and efficient in softening composite layer.


braquetes ortodônticos cerâmicos ceramic orthodontic brackets co2 laser debonding descolagem lasers de co2

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