CIDADE DA CRIANÇA: UM ESTUDO DE GESTÃO SOB O REGIME DE PERMISSÃO NO CENÁRIO DA CULTURA E DO LAZER NO BRASIL / Children`s City: Study of Management Under Permission To Use System Of Culture And Leisure In Brazil.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The transformations and changes in the market, in politics and in the economy of Brazil have had a historical and often an unknown path which is little publicized by the responsible media. The management partnership between public and private has been increasingly present in societies where the State has adopted policies of moderate intervention. The liberal economic policies, the insistent encouragement to entrepreneurship and free enterprise, deregulating processes, partnerships and political agreements implemented, constitute and shape the main support bases of the contemporary economic scenario. Allied to this, the economy under the aegis of continuous strategic expansion of wealth has produced in Brazil the probing and exploitation of niche markets, formerly unnoticed. As a result of these facts, it is observed that in recent decades a progressive factual growth in the leisure and entertainment sector, from the planning and creation of dozens of organizations and companies aiming at the exploitation of such activities. The contextualization of the subject partnership management will be based on the study and analysis of a practical experience in management permission model implemented at Cidade da Crianças Park in São Bernardo do Campo, the Great ABC region. In the meantime there is the chance to identify patterns of managerial actions and forms of organizational planning that sign some aspects, features and capabilities that underlie the functional feasibility or not of this practical scenario and real partnership.


iniciativa privada. parceria público-privada parques temáticos permissão de uso economia administracao public private partnership theme parks management permission to use economics, private initiative.

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