Characterization of the SAMU Emergency Ambulance Services in the City of Florianopolis / Caracterização do Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência (SAMU-192), do município de Florianópolis/SC




Pre-hospital services have been developing in Brazil in recent years, through new legislation that has enabled the operation of the Mobile Emergency Ambulance Service (SAMU-192). The objective of this research is to characterize this service in the city of Florianopolis/SC, from January to December 2006, in terms of the following parameters: patient identification by sex, age group and region of call request, time of the call, the Basic Life Support Unit (BLSU); classification of the SAMU calls in relation to their urgency, reason for the request, the outcome of the request, the relationship between the urgency of the call and mobilization time, and the Regional Health Unit where the request originated; and exploring the relationship among the variables in the study. The descriptive methodology was used, based on the standard form of SAMU. The results showed a prevalence of female patients, the predominant age for both sexes being from 20 to 49 years, and over 60 years. Among the types of service, clinical care had the highest demand, followed by trauma, pediatrics, obstetrics and psychiatry. The peak periods of demand were during the day and at weekends. The Downtown Regional Unit and South Regional Unit had the greatest number of call outs. The SBV1 was the most requested unit from the Dispatch Centre, probably due to its location. The majority of the calls were mobilized within 15 minutes. The results of this research showed that through the analysis of the SAMU service, it is possible to obtain a broader view of the Municipal Health Services in order to plan and implement better strategies to improve the delivery and quality of health services to the population


saude publica emergency services emergências médicas pre-hospital services atendimento pré-hospitalar atenção de urgência gestão em saúde health management

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