Characterization of a novel promoter insertion in the c-rel locus.


Avian leukosis virus (ALV)-induced neoplasias are commonly found associated with integrations of proviral DNA in proximity to the myc gene. However, studies suggest that other genetic events are necessary for the complete neoplastic phenotype. A cell line (HP46) derived from an ALV-induced tumor has been analyzed and found to contain, in addition to an alteration in the myc gene, a promoter insertion in the c-rel locus. Both loci expressed large amounts of mRNA coding for their respective proteins. Several rel-related transcripts were expressed in the HP46 line, and four rel-related proteins of lower molecular weight than the wild-type p68c-rel product were detected. At least two of these transcripts contained U5 long terminal repeat sequences on the 5' end of the RNA. Structural data suggest that the messages may have evolved by an alternative splicing mechanism. This is the first example of a promoter insertion in the c-rel locus, a gene whose viral counterpart v-rel is responsible for the induction of lymphoid tumors.

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