Changes in work and action of workers in trade union education / As mudanças no mundo do trabalho e a ação sindical dos trabalhadores em educação




This studying has objective to analyze the union action of workers in education from the Union of Works in Education of Goias UWEG (Sintego), between 1988 and 2004. The search in analyzing and understanding how is structured the union action of UWEG (Sintego) in relation to the guarantee of flow of the worker fight presented in the way of the challenges lived in the working world and inserted in the political conjunctures inspirited in new-liberal conceptions. The union of workers in Goias has been affected in a context of a society guided by the capital logic, where the union fight has faced great challenges to guarantee the most elementary and defensive fight to the workers classes: the right for work, employment. This way, considering these problems and analyzes, the actual debate that has been accruing, in a worldwide level, in the capitalist system of production and in the work word, like the discussions about the union and political organization in Brazil and Goias. This way, looking of Antunes; Bhir; Boito Junior; Marx; Mascarenhas; Mészáros; Rodrigues; Oliveira, A; Oliveira,D, and so on, as theory resorts of supporting these analyzes. The methodology used in this study refers to proposes of a considerable research, using the method of colleting information; documental analyzes and interviews with union leaders and works in a public education in Goias.


sindicatos 1. trabalhadores - educação workers in education mudanças no mundo do trabalho trabalhadores em educação sintego educacao changes in the working word unions union of works in education of goias sintego

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